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What is thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy (seawater therapy) has been recognised since Antiquity for its toning effects on the skin and its benefits to overall health. Seawater contains numerous mineral salts, and is collected far out at sea and heated to 31° – 35° Centigrade. Thalassotherapy combines the benefits of seawater with sea mud, seaweed and a marine climate.

Thalassotherapy treatments are an opportunity to relieve your body’s many aches and pains, rediscover physical and mental well-being and acquire some basic rules for better daily life hygiene. Special cures exist for bad backs and swollen legs, to help people stop smoking, loose weight and combat stress, and even for mothers who seek pre or post natal cures.

Generally speaking, cures last one week and are not reimbursed by your healthcare organisation. The treatments are often given alternately in the morning one day and in the afternoon the following day. For groups or individuals, their objective is to help you relax, feel better and get in better shape.

Who can do it?

Thalassotherapy is for anyone, regardless of age or the amount of physical activity one practices. However, an unfavourable opinion exists for some cases, notably for those suffering from recent or evolving vascular illnesses, cardiopathy, uncontrolled high blood pressure, an unset fracture, post six-month pregnancies and especially, iodine allergies. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor before reserving your cure week.

Thalassotherapy spas host mostly women and retired individuals. Nevertheless, the number of young, active professionals and families signing up for a week of thalassotherapy is increasing all the time.

At the beginning of the week, you must meet with one of the spa’s doctors who will warn you of any eventual contra-indications and advise you about the cure treatments that are best adapted to you and your needs/expectations.

Some practical advice

To take full advantage of your thalassotherapy cure, follow these recommendations:

  • Carefully choose your cure according to what you need and want. The spa’s doctor will be able to advise you.

  • Don’t over pack your bags. Take along non-slip sandals, two bathing suits and a bathing cap (obligatory for group treatments and in the relaxation pool), a sports ensemble and moisturising creams for face, body and hair. The spa will provide you with a bathrobe, washcloths and towels.

  • If you have any problem while travelling, don’t wait until you get home to consult a doctor. The regulating doctor of your assistance company is available to discuss any questions or doubts you may have about your health. He/she can provide useful advice, contact your family doctor and organize a consultation wherever you are.